Conference Venue

The Conference Center Kopernika provides an ideal venue for conferences, training sessions, symposia, workshops or exclusive business meetings. Twelve comfortable, air-conditioned, multimedia conference rooms provide comfort and ensure suitable conditions for effective work. All rooms have access to daylight, are equipped with modern conference facilities and unlimited access to WiFi.

Ballroom Moon
  • Projectors & computers
  • Discussion Lobbies
  • Wifi
Aula 110 Chairs
Jupiter Hall
  • Projectors & Computers
  • Discussion Lobbies
  • Wifi
Rooms 20 Chairs
Discussion Lobbies
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Cakes & Snacks
  • Wifi & Computers
Lobbies 30 Chairs
Exhibition Halls
  • Wifi & Computers
  • Discussion Rooms
  • presentation Rooms
Capacitiy 10 Booth